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Innsbruck, Austria

The hills are alive indeed…

Innsbruck Austria, Europe, Travel Blogger
The "Golden Roof"

Perfectly secluded in the valley of the European Alps. You welcomed us in with your charming old alleys and breathtaking backdrops. Every corner turned was a new look at your beauty. Never demanding, yet entirely captivating. This one’s for you Innsbruck, the quaint little town that stole our hearts.

Live Like a Local

During our time in Innsbruck we stayed in a large Airbnb. In this apartment lived a couple university students. One from Australia and three from northern parts of Germany. All studying at the local Innsbruck college. We swapped stories and the comical differences between each of our cultures. Most of them, and the Innsbruck population, will tell you all about the opportunity of adventure and sport there. If you love hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and skiing, this place is for you.

The Town

Surrounded by mountains, Innsbruck is an incredible blend of middle age and 21st century architecture and culture. Our days consisted of walking from one end of the town to the other. Can I just say…we never had a bad meal. Seriously. Everything was incredible. We sat by the river almost every night and enjoyed a delicious dinner with full sight of the alps. Sehr gut.

Recommended sites include: Maria-Theresien-Straße, The Golden Roof, the Hofkirche, Bergisel Ski Jump, traditional inns and the Imperial Palace , the Court Church, Ambras Castle, the City Tower, St. James’ Cathedral, Wilten Abbey, Patscherkofel, Serles and of course the Nordkette.

Speaking of the Nordkette…

If I could recommend one experience you want to have in your lifetime – it's visiting the Alps.

The hike was breathtaking both figuratively and literally. I can try to explain, show you pictures, and tell you our stories, but nothing can truly capture the experience of climbing the Alps. Many are even brought to tears during this incredible adventure. We hiked almost the entire way (last leg was too dangerous with ice).

In the beginning, you are excited and lead by a wide trail. As time went on however, the path slowly became but a series of carved footpaths with painted rocks as navigation. For most, I would recommend taking the cable car majority, if not all, of the way up. We also became friends and hiking partners with Omar, a med student from Brazil also visiting. Every leg we stopped to catch a much needed breath and to soak up the panoramic views. Finally, now that our legs experienced the ultimate stair master and our sweat ran out, we reached the peak. The very top is covered in fog and snow. Trudging along in our sweaty shorts and tanks, we became perplexed, yet relieved to have an extreme climate change. I know, I know, not entirely convincing to visit the Alps, is it? Trust me, you want to. Just as my girl Julie said, “the hills are alive.” Yes Julie, you got that right!

Top Tips:

1. Hike the Nordekette

2. Eat a strudel here

3. Rent a bike and stroll around town

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