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Munich: Finally, my three years of German paid off...

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

…alright so maybe not.

BUT I was proudly able to decipher menu options and navigational cues, you know, the important things.

Oh Munich, what an unexpected delight you were. With your manicured streets, punctual behavior, and savory feasts. You make it easy to feel unpolished and unorganized in your company. But you impress me all the more.

Live like a Local

During our time in Deutschland we stayed with the coolest couple. They opened the doors to their minimalist, city pad. I thought I knew what minimal was until I stayed here. They even created a "must-see" map! Our days consisted of taking the U-Bahn, exploring biergartens, including the original Hofbrauhaus, eating way too many carbs and meats, witnessing our first nude park (trust me, you can’t erase that…) river surfing, touring one of the first concentration camps, and learning about the Bavarian culture.

The best part? Honestly, it was the history lessons and conversations we held with our new friends. Sitting around a table underneath the string lit patio discussing history, cultural differences, and political comparisons. Despite having completely different upbringings and beliefs....we listened. We heard the challenges each faced, the dreams and lack of dreams that spilled out of our hearts. It was in these moments language and cultural barriers fell and friendship formed.

Top Tips:

  • Do your history homework, you will appreciate your sightseeing more when you grasp the background and impact of each landmark

  • Have a local or waiter pick an item off the menu for you to try

  • Visit a concentration camp, as sobering as it is, you will want to experience this

  • Visit a castle/palace. Did I really have to twist your arm on that one?


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