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Originality in a World of Comparison

If you’re reading this, odds are, you know the thief of comparison all too well. Everyday we mindlessly scroll through a curation of people’s “best.” Sometimes we carry on, but most times we fall into the trap. Negative thoughts of “I wish I had her style,” “I will never have that many followers,” “She’s so skinny,” “My life is so boring,” creep into our heads. Sounds a little silly when you read it, right? But have you thought these? I know I have. We are all guilty. But in order to change this negative habit we have to, first, be honest with ourselves and, second, take these thoughts captive and replace them with the truth.

So how do we start?

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Reality Check-Yourself

….Before you wreck yourself. That’s right, any and every time you come across a negative feeling or thought while scrolling - STOP, DROP, & CHECK YOURSELF. Stop what you are doing, drop your eyes from the screen (because I don’t suggest dropping your phone), and check back into reality. Sounds odd, but it works! And the more you do it, the more you recognize your negative thoughts, and therefore alter the pattern. When I say “check back into reality” I mean for you to remember - this is literally their best self and that does not downplay how incredible I am. Try it out and let me know how it works for you!

Be Your Own Picasso

In design school we were forced to learn how to not only appreciate design, but also, find inspiration and make it our own. News flash, it’s 2018...and there really is no pure form of “original” art. Everything we create, say, and do is inspired by something or someone before us. Take fashion for example, if you look at the latest trends you can find bits and pieces, techniques, materials, and styles from previous years. This is not something to be discouraged about. Quite the opposite, I find it pretty exhilarating! How cool is it that we have SO many past and current ideas to work with? Look at it as a challenge and a responsibility to take an idea and make it your own. This also goes with looking at other women, businesses, and brands. Trust me friend, you will not find long term success by copying others.

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Design by Style and Grace

YOU are the Factor

No really, you are. This world is populated with millions and millions of talented photographers, artists, bakers, dog moms, fitness gurus, Target shoppers, etc., etc. All who are just as talented and interesting, if not more. Yikes….did I just say that? Sincere apologies sis, but we just can’t all be like Beyonce or Jenna Kutcher. Nor should you be them. If you are striving to be like “insert name here,” then you are looking at it all wrong. YOU, my friend, are a beautifully, one-of-a-kind, crafted woman wonder, created for such a time as this. When you embrace who you are and all that you are created for you become a force to be reckoned with. So many times we get caught up in how our feed looks or what others will think. Confidence and authenticity is what attracts others. PERIOD. Now get out there, stand proud and embrace all that is you.

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