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Paris Mon Amour.

I knew I loved you before we even met.

I’ve dreamt of the day our paths would cross. Then…last spring that dream finally came true. As the first stop to many, you received our full attention. Growing up we watch movies and read stories about you. Your beauty. Your romance and your architectural charm. But nothing prepared my heart for our endearing time together.

Live Like a Local

A priority of the Europe trip was to “live like a local.” Yes, of course, we included the must-sees of each destination. But we also challenged ourselves to experience. Instead of packing an oversized bag (a.k.a. in true American style), we strategically packed our things into two carry-ons. That’s another story entirely. We traveled by either foot, subway, or train and, surprisingly enough, never got lost. Shout-out to NYC subways for training. Lastly, instead of booking hotels or hostels, we stayed with Airbnb hosts. These strangers welcomed two starry-eyed, bubbly American girls into their cozy homes. Sharing not only their space but their stories. Some even prepared their own local cuisines. It's crazy to think we may never see our Europe friends again. I believe that is why I hold those unique moments so dear.

paris, travel paris, paris style
Notre Dame Cathedral

Daily Endeavors

During our time, we spent the days wandering the streets (by that I mean 16 miles per day), climbing the Eiffel Tower, smelling the garden roses, exploring historical landmarks, sipping wine on the Riviera, shuffling through the crowds of Champs-Élysées, and fueling via cappuccino. Each day we earned our sleep and each morning we woke with excitement of what the city had for us. Paris is similar to NYC in that way. A perfect combination of grit, history, character, and beauty.

It was truly a dream Paris. Until next revoir!

paris, travel, paris style
Notre Dame Cathedral

Top Tips:

- Make friends with locals, they will give you the honest scoop

- Dress for comfort ( seriously... )

- Grab supplies from the market and enjoy a picnic to watch the tower light up at night

- Most restaurants you do not leave a tip

- If there will be a long time difference force yourself to stay awake and adjust


Kayla, thank you!! I will put that on my radar of future posts :)


These pictures are breathtaking! We want to head out to Paris in the next year or so, it would be awesome if you did an itinerary post!!!

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