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The Art of Storytelling

It seems like I blab on and on about stories and storytelling. But why is that?

Stories are what connect us. What we remember. How we empathize. And how we often learn. I believe each of us carry our own library of collections we call life. Some that radiate strength, gush about love, result in laughter, or get passed along from one century to the next.

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They can take us to faraway places, begin new chapters, and remind us of the journey it took. Stories are powerful. Stories are a gift to those that listen. And they are the means by which I design - to tell stories. Every paint stroke, every mood board, and every design is telling a story. Your story is what the beauty is built on. As a creative I have ventured through different industries, types of design, and various outlets. But one thing has love for storytelling. I love helping others to not only discover but visually share their story to the world.

Last week, as I was about to post a branding project.... a thought came to me. "There is such an incredible story behind this single logo. That this post just does not speak of the depth, strategy, and amazing business owner behind it." So....Instead of just showing you the finished product, I’ve decided to go a different route. Moving forward I hope to share my work by showing you the story and thought process behind the design. If I'm honest, I think that is what keeps me going, my "why." I love hearing people's stories and getting the opportunity to bring it to life. It's a challenge, honor, and passion to do so.

So friends, pull up a chair, fire up the kettle, it’s story time….

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