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Travel Big, Pack Small (Part I)

How I manage to only use a carry-on and personal bag while traveling.

Vacay mode activating in 3...2...1…

Well almost. We still have some time before take off so here it is! The rundown on how I pack light. Maybe it’s an American thing, that we feel it is necessary to pack basically everything we own for literally a weekend trip. As if we are going to somehow find ourselves in need for that second pair of sunglasses or that extra hat we literally never wear. A little sad? Probably, given there are actual people in need (sorry personal conviction there.) But you know it’s the truth. Trust me, ya girl loves to be prepared and looking fresh. But I also can’t stand being that girl with the extra large luggage (it’s ok..we’ve allllll been her). No judgement here friend. Below I will share with you how to look like a pro and downsize your travel load.

Maybe it’s the minimal European rubbing off on me….or the fact that most international visits require you to carry your luggage….(try catching a train or navigating Venice, yikes). Whether it be international or domestic, I have finally learned how to maximize my carry-on and pack light. I know, scary, but I believe in you. Trust me, if I can do it, so can you.

Below I have my best tips and tricks along with links to some very helpful products.

Click the images to shop!

Organization - check! (very nice for separating)

Cool, hip and portable hangers - check! (but really, where have you been all my life?)

Hard shell 360- check! (360 or nothing! makes for a smooth walk....or run)

Wallet Security - check! (Not only does it hold everything but also has RFID)

Compression Bags - check! (not sure I could accomplish this without)

Convertor/adaptor - check! (no explanation needed)

Click the images to shop!

TSA Toiletries - check! (a container for every poo, cream, and paste...ok that sounds odd)

Inflatable Pillow - check! (you heard can literally pump it up in seconds)

Filtered Bottle - check! ( better safe than sorry and keeps you from wasting plastic)

Holy Grail Back Pack - check! (this is honestly amazing and you can use my discount code: sgtravels)

Stay tuned for Part II where I will take you behind the scenes of choosing outfits and packing all these guys up.

Until Next Time,

xoxo - Madison


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