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Why You Need A Brand Story

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

Once Upon A Time...

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Brand Story by Style and Grace Designs

No, no, not that kind of story.

When we hear the word "story," we tend to think about our favorite childhood tales, the news stories we skim on our phones, the fanciful romance novels, or even the classic hero comics. But a brand story? *excuse me while I do a quick google search*

Neuroscientists claim that the average person spends more than 30% of their time daydreaming. Unless they are reading, listening to, or watching a story unfold.

Stories Organize

Think about it. How can we remember so many movies, yet forget our bff's birth date? *not talking from personal experience, cough, cough* and why is it you can remember someone's personal story for years to come? Even the memories we carry along through life are curated into different chapters, series of monologues, and tales of hardship we've collected. Because stories are a sense-making mechanism. They organize the info in a way that is not only easier to digest, but compelling to listen. If I asked you how your day went, would you tell me a story?

Stories Connect

As humans we crave connection. I think the cat is out of the bag on that one. Stories help us communicate, relate, and deepen our relationships on a daily basis. Really, our lives are a summation of stories. Have you ever felt a strong pull to people when they share their story? Better yet, how do you feel when you can relate to their story? In a world full of social platforms and friend requests we still yearn for connection. That will never change.

So What Does This Mean For Your Brand?

Now that you see the importance of story, and how it can connect and organize, let's talk about your brand. As consumers of 2018 we are bombarded with distractions. Streaming over here, chats over there, and ads sprinkled in between. So how in the world do we stand out? You guessed it...brand story. No not the fanciful type, although alluring. We are talking about a concrete formula to garner the attention of your otherwise distracted audience. Practical steps to ensure that people hear us, see us, and must simply engage with us.

Story formulas create a well-worn path for our brains. We, as business owners, need to position our products/services along that path.

Never assume people understand how you can help, TELL THEM. How will their life be better with your fill in the blank? I know, I know a little dramatic, but if you do not treat your business as a game changer, no one else will.

You have an amazing story, so don't be afraid to use it.

Ready to learn about the formula and develop your brand story? Let's Chat!


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